PROJECT: HERO is a licensed semi-professional, non-profit organization, that volunteers its efforts to support local and National charities, specifically, but not solely, those charity organizations that assist children and adults through education and literacy.  Our organization provides this support through semi-professional costuming appearances both public and private, as well as non-costumed events.  

The PROJECT: HERO cadre consists of a five member founding council, four officers and a general membership base.  All of which are individually and thoroughly vetted for their experience and ability to provide professional conduct for the organizations we represent and/or support.  In addition to the charitable organizations we support, PROJECT: HERO also volunteers time as a member of the Entertainment Industry Council's (EIC) advisory committee board, and participates in the screening process for comic and graphic novels nominated for the Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) awards, along with providing assistance to the "Ready on the SET and...Action" project. 

Proudly supports these National charitable organizations along with local charities and comic shops located in Arizona and New Mexico! 




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